Based on the latest advances of Behavioral Finance, Neuroprofiler is a MiFIDII-compliant customer Risk Profiler for Financial Advisors

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How is client suitability assessed today?


of clients profiling tools are based on scientific research1.


of clients profiling tools are compliant2.

More than

of clients want more digitalization and customisation3.

What we offer :

MiFIDII Compliant: Neuroprofiler covers the whole client appropriateness and suitability process as required by MiFIDII.

User Friendly: You just have to send one link to your client to have him play the game. Clients results are immediately available online.

Behavioral Finance Based : Our deep learning algorithm assigns your client to one of 1 million possible profiles.

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1 50% are not compliant with local regulation (FCA 2011)

2 Less than 10% are digital while 85% of High Net Worth Individuals under 40 are using digital supports to manage their financial services (CapGemini 2014)

3 Less than 10% are scientific research-based (AMF 2011)

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